Older cats!

We have a couple of older cats looking for a home, possibly foster home, where they can enjoy their remaining days. We can’t say how long they will be with you but we can guarantee that you will fall in love with them!
Atlas will be 14 in November. She has had some health issues, mainly urinary tract problems, but blood tests are still coming back clear on her kidneys. She is an old tabby and white lady just looking for a pillow to lay her head on.

Romeo is at least 15! His previous owners passed away and he found himself all alone. We say at least 15, because this is the minimum age as we only have the implant date of his microchip and no date of birth, so he could be older. He is an amazing gent, but does drink lots. Again blood tests are inconclusive. Do you have a spare corner of the sofa that he can rest his weary head on?

If you think you can offer either of these oldies a home, please get in touch. They really need to be in the Southampton area, with easy access to the vets that we use.
Please complete our online enquiry form.