Dora is an 18 month old Bengal cross. She is a bit aloof at present and will need a bit of time to learn to trust. She has shown us that she can be friendly and loving but will need a patient new owner to discover that side of her again. She has been used to other cats but we think best in a child free home with an experienced cat owner. She is speyed, vaccinated and microchipped. If you think you could offer Dora a home please email us or complete our online enquiry form.


Clover is initially looking for a foster home as she is still awaiting speying, but this would be with the view of becoming her permanent home. She is a lovely lurcher at 16 months old, who will need a spacious home and an active family. She would prefer at this stage to be an only dog. If you think you could offer her a home, please email us or complete the enquiry form.


Salt and Pepper

NOW REHOMED. Salt and Pepper were a very happy bonded pair of male Guinea pigs. They were 3 years old. They had lived both indoors and outdoors. They were well handled and used to children and loved to be brushed.

Milo AKA Scruffy

Milo is a Bedlington x Whippet. He is 1 1/2 years old. He is was neutered 3 months ago. Sadly Milo was knocked over as a pup and broke his leg. This is now fixed but unfortunately left Milo with a severe fear of larger dogs. This has made walks very stressful for Milo, so the owners feel a new home, perhaps with a large garden would better suit Milo. He will need patience and understanding. A home with no other larger dogs and no cats would be best for Milo. Although used to children, because of his behaviour when scared we feel older children would be better. If you think you could offer Milo this type of home, then please contact us by email We will pass on suitable enquiries to the owner who will ultimately make the final decision.



Bertie is now in a foster home and fingers crossed this will be his forever home, so far he is behaving very well, even making friends with the cat.

Bertie was not for the faint hearted. He needed time to get to know any potential new owner as he had a tendency to nip whenever he got the opportunity. But when he’s nice, he’s very, very nice and could be loving. He loved going out for a walk, but putting his harness on could be tricky! We could not imagine what his past may have been like to cause such anxiety and distrust of humans. Not to be rehomed with young children , we felt he would be best suited in a home with a single person at home most of the day, who could make allowances for his temperamental behaviour. Bertie was neutered, microchipped and vaccinated. He was 3 years old.


Alice video

We are very pleased to say that Alice is now settled in her new home. The new owners love her and we are very thankful for the donation they gave to the rescue and our work. Alice was a 7 year old Collie cross (originally from Romania). She was vaccinated and spayed. She was great on and off lead. House trained. She was ok with children 5 and above. Sadly her owner was unable to keep her due to health reasons and needed to find a new home for Alice.

Tom and Jerry

Tom and Jerry were 2 chihuahuas who came into rescue after straying. Because of this we had no background on them. They were approximately 2 years old. Tom definitely wore the trousers and could be a bully but as a bonded pair we were looking for a home together, where they could receive some training (typical small dog not 100% housetrained) and some TLC. We found that home, with a wonderful couple who already had 3 other chihuahuas. They are now part of the “famous five” and enjoying walks off lead. We are so pleased for them.

  tom and jerry in new home

Ruphio urgently needs your help

Ruphio is an 11 year old Jack Russell who needed a home. His owner has suffered a relationship break-up and could no longer keep him. He needed a home where he wouldn’t be left as he  barked when alone. Ruphio has now found a home and we hope he can now enjoy his retirement years


Now happily in his new home, Ralphy was a 2 year old chihuahua x poodle. He was a dog with a big personality! Neutered, microchipped and vaccinated, he was waiting for a home that could give him plenty of walks and a bit of training.