*We are pleased to say Bertie is now in his forever home.*
This is the amazing Bertie! He is in foster in the UK and looking for his forever home Bertie acts like a classic labrador and has the most handsome lab face to match, he would be ideal for a retriever loving family!
He is:
Approx 5 years old
Neutered and vaccinated
Already in the UK
Amazing with people and other dogs
Great in the car
A pro at playing fetch
Here is a testimonial from Bertie’s wonderful foster family:
“Bertie is 5 years old and has been with us for the last 7 months. He looks like a labrador cross, and acts like one too, loving his food, and being a friendly goofball. People are his favourite things (well, besides food)!
He has such a positive outlook on life. Playing with our other dogs is high on his list of favourite things. Playing ball is definitely one of his favourite things!
Most of his exercise and play happens in our paddock. But when he gets the chance for walks and off-lead play when out and about, he gets a bit excited, because those are among his favourite things. He travels well in the car and is very well-behaved when doing so because it is one of his favourite things!
Training and learning tricks – you’ve guessed it, they are his favourite things.
He’s such a happy, friendly dog, and deserves a loving family of his own. Here, he is just one of the pack, and we don’t have the time he would like to give him individual attention and cuddles. He’s used to that lifestyle from his previous home and misses it now. Ideally, his new forever home would have one or more dogs already in residence to provide companionship when his human family is busy doing their own thing. He’s perfectly OK being left for up to 4 hours at a time.”
If you’d like to apply for Bertie, click here! –


Tyson is 25kg and is a big soppy sod who loves cuddles and can’t understand that he can’t sit on your lap. He loves everyone. He loves nothing more than longs walks and running but unfortunately the owner is not able to give this to him. He needs a garden.
He is a 2 year old neutered Sharpei x Staffy. He does have history of allergies and does need steroids to treat these. Would be better with older children.
If you think you could offer Tyson the home he needs please call 02380559552


Roxy is a Lab cross GSD, who at 21 months old has some behavioural issues when outside that will need addressing by any new owner. She is unspayed. Vaccinated but due soon. She travels well and is ok with older children. She is not good with cats. She will bark and lunge at other dogs when on a walk.
If you think that you have the experience to help Roxie, please give us a call on 02380559552 or email us.


Roger is a very lovable 6 year old cockapoo who isn’t very happy with his current living situation. He finds young children a bit stressful so is looking for a more peaceful home where he can be cuddled and made a fuss of with less noise with NO children.

Roger would prefer to be the only animal in the house, although he doesn’t mind other small, calm, older dogs. He does tend to chase cats.

He has lots of energy on walks and loves chasing his ball, his recall is excellent and he won’t need any further training. He does have a sensitive tummy which means he needs a specific food and daily probiotics. He is hills ZD hydrolysed food.(Costing approx £100 a month)

Roger would happily spend most of his day being snuggled up on your lap however he can be left comfortably for up to 4 hours. He is a very lovely all round dog and this is a very sad rehome due to him currently living with a baby and a toddler which isn’t working.

Roger is up to date with vaccinations, he is neutered and microchipped.



*UPDATE Louie is now in a new home*

Louie, was 12 nearly 13 years old. This is the information supplied by the present owner:

“Louie belonged to my mother who died recently.  He is much loved and this is a difficult process, I find myself in a very alien position of not being able to provide the right environment for an animal under my care.  As a family this is causing a lot of worry and stress and for me doubly so as I know my mother trusted me implicitly to ensure his wellbeing.  I have had animals all my life and once one is part of the family they are just that and I have never had to consider that they don’t have a home for life.  This is heartbreaking for us and we are hoping that there might be the right home out there already looking for someone like him.

He is currently still at my mothers house which is going through probate and he being attended too twice daily by a combination of family members.  Other family members and my ex partner also visit him to give him cuddles) This is not the most ideal environment for him but being in his own home seems the least stressful option for him and his wellbeing is important to us. He has settled back into his routines very quickly and we felt that giving him time to adjust and settle back from the stress of losing mum (he was at her side when she was found after the fall) and the failure to integrate in a multicat environment. My Nephew is due to move home once contracts are signed which will leave us with a problem for ongoing care and attention as I work full time and live 20 minutes + away and have my own animals to also look after.   Due to having a dog, cat allergies in the family and working away for periods of time a fulltime home with my nephew is also not a viable alternative”

His vaccinations are up to date (they were due this month and were done earlier this week). He is neutered and microchipped (the new owner would need to change this over).

“Once comfortable and has got to know you very affectionate and companionable – a bit stand offish if unsure about you. He is quite a sensitive soul and will pick up on any stress in the household so if in a quiet household is quite a loving companion and is never far away but in a noisy or stressed household will either hide or become vocal and very stressed. Mum was retired so was there a lot of the time so he used to go in and out as he wanted.

He does have a medical history and is currently on metacam.  This is due for review before the next prescription. He is also fed only James Wellbeloved food as he has had issues related to food allergies in the past. For the right home we would be able to supply the first couple of months food to come with him along with  He is currently registered with Riverside Veterinary in Bishopstoke (my vets)”

He would not like to live in a home with other cats and has not lived with or had any experience of dogs in the home.

“I would say not suitable for rehoming with a young family – he was rehomed with mum aged 5 from a family where, from what I understand, one of boys of the family who had learning difficulties was obsessed with him from very young and once at toddler and above stage used to torment him by constantly chasing him and picking him up roughly then swinging him around. He would try to avoid the child and took to hiding under beds. The mother did her best to prevent this and educate the child but this only seemed to make matters worse so she took took the hard decision to rehome him before the inevitable happened.  From the note she passed to my mum it was evident that until this point he had been a settled and well loved member of the family. I am not sure how many other children were in the household.”

“However he is used to visits from well behaved respectful great grandchildren (ages 2 -7) and is currently being fed by my nephew who is accompanied by his 2.5 year old well behaved daughter and follows her around as she helps her dad with his biscuits and food and has taken gentle affection (head stroking) from her. The children are respectful of his space and don’t try and pick him so he seems quite happy to be in close proximity to them.  I think this is because he is secure in his environment.”

Milo AKA Scruffy

*NOW IN A NEW HOME* Milo is a Bedlington x Whippet. He is 1 1/2 years old. He is was neutered 3 months ago. Sadly Milo was knocked over as a pup and broke his leg. This is now fixed but unfortunately left Milo with a severe fear of larger dogs. This has made walks very stressful for Milo, so the owners feel a new home, perhaps with a large garden would better suit Milo. He will need patience and understanding. A home with no other larger dogs and no cats would be best for Milo. Although used to children, because of his behaviour when scared we feel older children would be better. If you think you could offer Milo this type of home, then please contact us by email We will pass on suitable enquiries to the owner who will ultimately make the final decision.



Alice video

We are very pleased to say that Alice is now settled in her new home. The new owners love her and we are very thankful for the donation they gave to the rescue and our work. Alice was a 7 year old Collie cross (originally from Romania). She was vaccinated and spayed. She was great on and off lead. House trained. She was ok with children 5 and above. Sadly her owner was unable to keep her due to health reasons and needed to find a new home for Alice.