Second Chance
Not all our dogs appear on the website
PLEASE NOTE DUE TO THE HIGH DEMAND FOR DOGS DURING THE COVID LOCKDOWN THE NUMBER OF DOGS IN RESCUE IS MINIMAL. PLEASE BE PATIENT, TAKING ON A DOG IS NOT SOMETHING THAT SHOULD BE RUSHED INTO. THERE ARE MANY SCAMMERS TAKING ADVANTAGE SO WE ASK THAT YOU TAKE EXTREME CARE DURING THIS PANDEMIC. Not all our dogs in rescue waiting for homes are shown on the website. The dogs photographed above are now all in homes but some may be awaiting neutering, vaccinating or rehabilitation.Please give us a call and we can take your details and let you know when something comes in that may suit you. We do only keep details for 1 month as we assume you are actively looking, so call again if you gave details and haven’t heard from us.
2018-09-06 14:24:19