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Roxy Jack Russell cross
Roxy is a 4 year old Jack russell cross. She is 4 years. The owner has been very poorly with breast cancer then she found out that she was pregnant. Her son is now 6 months old and Roxy just doesnt get the attention or walks she deserves and is used to. She is very friendly and great with children. She first lived in a flat so is used to going to toilet on puppy pads still. She needs an owner with the time to train her properly and give her the walks and attention she needs. Although it breaks her heart, it is the fairest thing for her to be re-homed. Please get in contact if you can help.
2020-02-21 10:53:14
Jara is 3 years old and neutered. She's a good-natured dog, loves people (though hasn't met any children whilst with us - or cats), and good with other dogs. Good on lead, travels well, has a reasonable recall, but training on this will need to be continued, and is house-trained. Loves food, and is still not sure her food source is now secure, so is best fed separately to other dogs at the moment, but think this will change once she is settled in somewhere.
2019-11-20 13:30:49
Saoirse (pronounced Seer-Sha), who is a female BC, 4.5 yrs old that was rescued from Ireland and needs a new home due to a change in circumstances. Her owner is simply now not able to offer her the home she needs. She is good with people (tho will take 5 mins to get to know them), is very very loving, cuddly, and house-trained and fine with other dogs in the house she knows - tho is a little dominant. She does have a high chase instinct and will chase (and sometimes nip) any other dog that is running (she is fine with dogs she knows). If on a walk with a high number of other dogs around, she uses a basket muzzle, or is kept on a head harness type lead (a GenCon 2) She is very beautiful x
2019-10-24 13:59:47
Robin is an 11 year old Chihuahua. He is neutered. His temperament is very good, he is very chilled and get's on well with other dog's, cats and children. Sadly his owner has passed away so is urgently needing a new home, can you help?
2019-10-07 13:40:14
We took Blue in after his owner passed away. Unfortunately, Blue had been somewhat neglected by his owner and was kept in a crate for the majority of time or left outside in the garden. We believe Blue to be approx 5 years old. We have given him flea and worm treatment, had him vaccinated and he has now been neutered. Blue has adjusted well to being treated properly and is very affectionate to those around him. He loves a belly rub and will snuggle up next to you on the sofa. He loves to go for long walks and now responds to several basic commands when out on the lead, such as 'wait', 'this way' and 'come here', 'come on' or 'come'. In isolation, i.e. with no other people or dogs to distract him, he is good off the lead and recalls to the aforementioned commands. However, if there are other dogs around, he tends to get excited and will be keen to investigate. He is generally sociable enough with other dogs, but if they growl at him, he will get defensive and has been known to occasionally snap and snarl. He also has a desire to chase squirrels and cats, but they are generally smarter and faster than he is. I would therefore recommend he goes to a home with no other pets. He is good around people and just wants to petted, but I am unsure how he would be around loud and boisterous children. Due to his previous neglect, Blue doesn't really understand general dog toys etc. We have tried a ball and he shows no interest in it. We also tried a tugging rope toy, but he will not take it in his mouth. For the first couple of weeks of Blue being with us, he did pee indoors numerous times, but he has not now done this for several weeks and understands to ask to go out at the door. When pooping in the garden, he tends to keep it to a specific area, which is handy for cleaning up. We have now, out of necessity, left Blue on his own for several hours at a time. When doing this, we have kept him to one room, with access to food and water and also access to the garden. We are feeding him a dry, complete food on vet's recommendation. He has Breakfast around 7 am and is fine until dinner time around 5 or 6 pm. He generally goes for a short walk in the morning (approx 1-2 km). If anyone is around during the day, this is repeated around lunch time. He then goes for a longer walk in the evening, (approx 3-5 km depending if walked at lunch) before a final short walk before bed time. At the weekends, this will sometimes be 2-3 long walks, depending on time available. He's a very loving dog that just craves walks and cuddles, so would suit a retired owner, or someone without too many work commitments that will be available to give him the attention he craves and deserves for many years to come.
2019-10-04 12:26:34
Murphy and Martha.
Murphy is a 2 year old Brittany spaniel. He is neutered and microchipped. He travels well and is good with children (2+) but hasn't come across cats. Martha is a 2 year old Shar-pei cross staffy. She is spayed. She is good with children (2+). She has had a problem with her diet. The owners are moving and can't take them with them.
2019-09-05 12:57:54
Dog’s Name: Kiara Breed: Rottweiler / Lab mix Sex: Female Age: 7 and a half years old Neutered: Yes How long have you owned the dog? If not from birth, what age from and wherewas he/she previously from? We collected Kiara from Battersea Dogs Home when she was 4 years old and have had her for the last 3.5 years. Microchipped: Yes Up to date with Vaccinations/Flea/Worm Treatments: Yes Do you have a certificate from yourvets for vaccinations? Yes - I can obtain if you would like. Name & Address of your Vet: Norwood Road vets, 10 Norwood Rd, London SE24 9BH Reason for rehoming: Kiara is unfortunately not good around young children and my wife is pregnant and due to give birth in September. Please detail below what the dog islike with the following: Young Children: She is nervous around young children and reacts badly when they are picked up. Older Children: She is fine with older children and very good when they are above the age of 10. Other Dogs: She is also nervous around other dogs and is not well socialised. Despite this, she is fine around dogs that she knows and goes on walks with the same group of dogs 4 days a week, without any incidents. Cats: She is not good around cats. Men: She is great, very friendly around men and women. Women: She is great, very friendly around men and women. Does the dog have any issues asfollows: Separation Anxiety: No she doesn't suffer from this. Walking on a lead: She can pull on the lead but she is very reactive to instructions. Aggression: She is generally a calm and relaxed dog but she does have certain triggers, e.g. other dogs that show too much of an interest in her, small children and loud motorbikes. Recall (off lead): Very good recall. Food Aggression: None Excessive Barking: She very rarely barks House Trained: Very well house trained Health Problems: No health issues. Travel well in the car: She loves travelling in cars
2019-07-20 12:43:42
Billy and Milly
Billy and Milly are 2 12+ Jack Russell crosses. Milly is tan and white, she suffers from epilepsy and can fit while watching tv. Billy is black and tan. Both are not good with other dogs and will react. They both don't like to be bathed. Not good with children. Sadly their owner is now in a nursing home and unable to keep them. Could you offer this grumpy couple a home???
2019-07-03 14:07:58
Alfie is a sensitive soul, 9 year old Jack Russell. Vaccinations due July. He is not good with young children and can be reactive with some dogs as he has been attacked in the past. Can be nervous with strangers. Has been used to a horse yard so ok with horses. He has good recall.
2019-04-18 11:25:27
Zippy is a 6 year old staffie. He needs a quiet home as he does suffer from separation anxiety. He is a loving boy, just looking for a quiet home. He is vaccinated, neutered and micro chipped.
2019-02-22 14:03:21
Harley is a 5 1/2 year old staffy X. He is not neutered but is chipped. The owners are no longer able to keep him due to change in family circumstances. He can be nervous of other dogs and boisterous.
2019-01-21 13:46:40
Nala is just 1 year old, staffy cross. She is unspeyed and due a booster vaccination. She is microchipped. Her present owner does not have time for her so she has become destructive. She is not good with cats or small animals. She pulls on lead. Nala will need an experienced owner with lots of time to train and spend time with her.
2018-09-04 13:22:31