Second Chance
Home from Home
Neo is a handsome 13 year old x. He is friendly, good with children and good with other animals. He is vaccinated and neutered.
2018-07-31 09:25:51
Charlie is a 3 year old Beagle. He loves cuddles and is good with children. He is an escapologist and can open most doors as anyone who has had beagles will know what they're like. He will bring lots of joy and love to the people who rehome him. He especially loves walks in the woods and exploring but always finds fox poop to roll around in, he loves a shower so no problem cleaning him off after. He can be stubborn and his favourite treat is carrots, he just loves them!
2018-07-24 11:13:20
Jackson is a 10 year old jack russell who's owners have seperated.He doesn’t like cats and is scared of staffy dogs as one went for him about 5 years ago and he never forgot that !! He’s fully up to date with vaccinations.He’s just had an op on his chest to remove cyst but has recovered well. Owned since a pup, he is chipped He’s a cutie but is a barker ... he loves snuggling up, he has been very protective of my daughter over the years but I would say hes better with older person/ couple ... he is a flirt and likes the men !!
2018-05-26 11:59:42
Roxy is a 21 month old collie x Staff x South African Boerboel. She is neutered and lives with another dog. Sadly due to work circumstances changing her present owners are no longer able to keep her.
2018-05-26 11:44:24
Dooley is a 7 year old staff x terrier.His owners will get him vaccinated. He is neutered. Needs rehoming through no fault of his own, sadly his owners relationship has failed and the owner now has to work longer hours.
2018-05-17 15:02:54
Blue is a crossbreed/staffy, male, approx.3years old. Blue is a nice quiet dog who is just in the wrong home. The elderly lady who now has him can not cope as he pulls on lead and is too strong for her. He may benefit from being neutered.
2018-03-06 15:40:13
koli and bully
I have 2 boys Bully is the brindle Staffie cross presa canario boy in tact, 7/8 years old, I privately removed bully from a person I saw abusing him. He was starved, beaten and not given any love during his first year of life. Bully loves cuddles and snow. He’s not a fan of rain so getting him out is a nightmare he would rather hold it until he can’t no more (put his lead on, he will move lol ) very good with children and adults, loves massages basically any human contact Is welcome. Dislikes, fireworks, loud bangs, screaming, shouting. Signs he is scared are shaking and trying to get under your skin, he cannot get close enough to you, I have tried everything to change this but have not succeeded. Bully has a very sensitive tummy and cannot eat pedigree (any type) or bakers. His diet with me consisted of 2 weetabix and 600g of wet meat in morning 9am. In the evening at 6 he has a handful of cooked pasta and 300g wet meat. Both dogs require muzzling when on walks.
2018-03-05 15:30:37
Jake is a 13 year old Jack Russell. He is healthy, fully vaccinated and a lovely dog. He is looking for a new home as he can't cope being left on his own all day when his owners are at work. He really doesn't show any signs of being 13! He would be a very good companion for someone.
2017-09-26 18_32_38